Executive Chef Hilary Herron

Hilary Herron is the new executive chef at il Palazzo. She has seventeen years of experience working in professional kitchens throughout the United States. She attended culinary school in Dover, New Hampshire and graduated Atlantic Culinary Academy at McIntosh College. Additionally, she earned an Associates of Science, Culinary Arts degree, and a Culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu. During her time there she worked at the Marriott Resort & Spa, the prestigious Game Creek Club, and lastly helped open an Italian (Chicago inspired) restaurant.

From one ski resort town to the next she moved to Midway, Utah. There she continued her work at Zermatt Resort & Spa and earned many “Best of State” awards ranging from NY style pizza, conference center catering, Bakery, and Sunday brunch. After spending four years and running five outlets at Zermatt she moved to Salt Lake City and became kitchen manager of the famous Red Iguana restaurant in downtown Utah. Her last stop in Utah was at Heritage Gardens, family owned and operated for the last thirty years. Their beautiful property and large facility she began her illustrious work on weddings and receptions. 

It was just over four years ago that Hilary made her way to Nebraska, where she expanded her cuisine to include local favorites and incorporating Nebraska heartland specialties to her book of achievements.  An internship took her to Vail Colorado, where she remained for five years.