about aihs

The American Italian Heritage Society started in 1980 by seven people “around the dining room table”, for the purpose of promoting and researching Italian culture and heritage, the Society continue to grow with the current membership of well over 1000 members.

One of our fundamental goals is to have a family organization, one of which children can be actively involved as well a parents. It is our intention to involve children as much as possible to that they become well aware of the ethnic heritage and enjoy it as their parents do.

It is our hope to encourage members to learn Italian, one of the most beautiful of the romance language. Beginning Italian lessons are offered to members each year.

Since our beginning, preservations has played an important role, and the hopes of a cultural museum and library are nearing fruition. Many photographs of Italians in early Omaha have been donated to our Society as well as mementos of early Italian societies and family keepsakes. In addition to being displayed at our annual La Festa Italiana, we will have a permanent home for our events in the near future.

A large part of making our Society successful comes from financial contributions/donations as well as volunteering at our many events throughout the year.

The AIHS is a non-profit coporation501C. To offer a donation to our Society, please contact Terry Bolamperti at 402-616-5077 or feel free to mail your donation to 5110 N 132nd Street, Omaha NE  68164.