Our Home: IL Palazzo


Il Palazzo is here to book your next event whether it be wedding, corporate, or social. Il Palazzo will offer a convenient location, easy parking, beautiful décor, and all with Italian flair! 
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They came with determination, courage, hope and dreams. They left family, friends and a sense of security in their homeland, beautiful Italia! They sought a more rewarding life for their families in America. They did not, however, let go of their deep-rooted heritage, nor their pride which they instilled in us.

Our Vision: To create a place where our members and their families can call “home”. We would aspire to enrich the quality of their lives by focusing on all aspects of Italian tradition including food, language, travel, culture, history, folklore, customs, celebrations, music, genealogy study and any other activities which support this vision. It will truly be a place to celebrate and educate.




Building Progress: View Progress Photos
Nov. 2013: Initial grading is completed and footings have been poured. Basement floor has been laid with concrete.
Dec. 2013: The first steel beam was erected Dec. 11 and one half of the steel has been erected on all 4 sides vertically. The roof decking is in place. The concrete floor of the kitchen has been poured.
Mar. 2014: The AIHS Board voted on the name for the building. “il Palazzo,” Italian for Palace, was chosen. The first wedding has been booked for later this year.
June 2014: The entire North parking lot is completed with poured concrete all the way from the entrance on 132nd St. to the basement storage garage door, and the 15 foot sidewalk running along the entire West side of the building. The South parking lot is now being graded and will be
ready for pouring soon. Top soil is being placed on the Festa grounds and the parking lot islands. The portico and its arches are in place along with the main arch. The effis is completed on the back and the sides and will be completed soon on the front. The stone in the front of the building is nearly complete. Many windows have been set and the building is now locked and secured at night. Inside the building the plumbing, electrical, and duct work is all progressing rapidly. Drywall has been hung on all interior perimeter walls, and soon will be on the rest of the walls.
July 2014: The building is anticipated to be finished the first week of August. The outside painting, parking lots and sidewalks are finished. The sprinkler system is operable and watering our previously sown grass seed and laid sod. Final grading is finished. Trees, bushes, plants and mulch is in place. Inside the kitchen equipment was delivered and being hooked up. Tile has been set and grouted. All duct work and lighting was installed. Wiring, speakers, projection screens, phones, cable, internet services and security system is all in place.
August 2014: Ribbon cutting event!

Our dream of a “new home” quickly transformed into a reality. The Palazzo is the result of a lot of hard work that our members put forth over the last 33 some years. Drive by the building and take a look. Pull in the north parking lot and sit there and take it all in. You will experience the pride of being part of this accomplishment and the pride of our Italian Heritage. The Palazzo represents a testament to our Italian heritage.