Youth Group

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-11-36-58-pmAs the Society continues to grow, it’s important to remember our children and grandchildren are the future of this organization that our founders, past and present board members and members have worked so hard upholding the Italian heritage in Omaha. Many of our current members are here because their parents or grandparents belong or took part in Society activities.

We want to encourage you to talk to your children and grandchildren about the importance of joining our newly established Youth Group. Anyone ages 10 to 19 are welcome to join. The Youth Group will
meet every second Monday of the month – the same as our Membership Meeting. By having these meetings on the same day, we hope it will make it more convenient to bring your kids along.

Longtime members Bob and Suzy Peklo will be supervising the group. If you would like your children or grandchildren to join, please call Suzy Peklo at 402-980-0539.